Our Ethos

This Unitarian congregation stands as a beacon to Freedom and Mutual Respect in matters of religion and faith. In the words of Francis David 16th century Unitarian Court preacher:

“We need not think alike to love alike.”


We honour and learn from each other as we travel this journey of life; we seek the truth in love, sharing our life experiences and those of the Great Souls of humankind whose wisdom is contained in the sacred texts of the many faith traditions.

We regard our being together not as an unfortunate mishap
Warranting endless competition among us
But as a deliberate act of God.
To make us a community of brothers and sisters
Jointly involved in the quest for a composite answer
To the varied problems of life.

Steve Biko
South African Anti-Apartheid campaigner.



Ours is a theology of engagement: we draw inspiration from life itself, both the beauty and the brokenness, and our struggle to live in peace one with another.

As Unitarians, we are often accused by the more orthodox, of believing what we like, but that is too simplistic. We believe not what we like, but what we must in all conscience.

For we Unitarians, the words of our faith must be, above all, honest and relevant for today’s society.

Our common humanity and love for one another is the bridge that spans all the divisions that humankind has created to keep us apart, be they divisions of doctrine, culture, gender or sexuality. We know that underneath it all we are one.

We hope that among our web pages you will find inspiration and a wish to come and join in our quest. You will be welcomed for who you are, as a unique and beloved person, full of strengths and weaknesses – just like the rest of us.

Be ours a religion which, like sunshine, goes everywhere;
Its temple, all space;
Its shrine, the good heart;
Its creed, all truth;
Its ritual, works of love;
Its profession of faith, divine living.

Theodore Parker
The Congregation of Belper Unitarian Chapel
(Words of Welcome by Rev Chris Goacher, Former Minister)

Belper Unitarian Chapel, Field Row, just off Green Lane, Belper, DE56 1DG