Between the Lines

We are all at different stages of growing internally, spirituality and journeying and one of my mindfulness moments fits into all three …


I enjoy the moments of personal peace, to be wrapped up with a book for companionship.   The aesthetic feel of turning over the pages and moving forward, sometimes the smell of an older book will bring back memories and the achievement of completing the last written page nourishes me … I have grown …
This month Three Authors who help towards my evolution and mindfulness …

Ronald Blythe CBE

Mr. Blythe, passed at the age of 100 recently, is regarded by his peers and many readers as the finest contemporary writer on the English countryside.
If you want to have quiet moments then this peaceful man and his writings stimulate all of the senses that will give you that good feeling of humanity and humbleness.
The Canterbury Press Hardback books are a delight from this author - very reasonable in price, A5 size to hold ... and a very easy read on life and its reflections - the Artwork on the dust jackets are outstanding ranging from Artist's Eric Ravilious and John Nash and many more!

Village Years, The Bookman's Tale, River Diary, In the Artist's Garden, Under a Broad Sky - will get you started and possibly hooked ...? Perhaps, Perhaps Perhaps ... Apologies to Doris Day!

Diana Athill OBE

This wonderful writer of life and its rich tapestry, also another Centenarian, writes from the human experience of Life and reflects and adds to personal growth which makes one ponder.
Wonderful with words, humbling in mind, strong in voice. A character who in her times did her own thing, which in its day outraged people ... so what?! was her attitude - Bravo Diana!
Titles to get started with ...

Alive, Alive Oh! Instead of a Book, A Florence Diary, Stet - and much much more ... Enjoy!

JL Carr

Two Books to have a go at here ...
A Month in the Country ... still a bestseller ...
The book above is breathtaking and has been made into a film starring Natasha Richardson, Colin Firth and Kenneth Brannagh.
His novel A Month in the Country was nominated for the Booker Prize in 1980, when it won the Guardian Fiction Prize. The writing is exquisite, thought provoking and reflective of the times ... wow!
Many more books to go at with this writer ... perhaps the first one above will be a good starter for you is my suggestion? Want to know more? ... A Biography by Byron Rogers - The last Englishman - The Life of JL Carr
And so friends –  whether an established bookworm or just getting  started … Enjoy your ‘Between the Lines’ until next time …
We are just scratching the surface of Life … with a book!

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